Tuesday, November 26, 2013

doodle-e asked you: Zombies, run! for the meme :)

ZR! - I’m up to S2M19 so these are impressions so far. Names deliberately left out of the pictures so you can have a guess at who people are before reading on. No (obvious) spoilers!

1. Are there any Fives out there that didn’t feel an intense love for Sam immediately after meeting him? If so, I don’t even want to know you.

2. Sara was really intimidating for a while. Now she’s my safety blanket.

3. Don’t get me wrong, Gene and Jack are adorable, but they’re just not my thing.

4. To be fair, it’s not precisely Van Ark that makes me love Van Ark. I’m just a major sucker for that terrible archetype.

5. Only because you broke my heart into teeny tiny pieces, Mr. McShell. How could you be so stupid?

6. Archie Archie Archie Archie Archie. Forever.

7. Researcher self-tasked with saving the world? Hell yeah.

8. Not cool, Nadia. Not cool.

9. Doctor Girlfriends. :(

10. I got nothing!


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    This is almost the same for me and now I must make my own!! *dashes off to create this beautiful thing*
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    Well this is perfect.
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    why can’t I art ; _ ; This is great, your stuff is amazing! It’s funny how we agree on things Van Ark
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  10. errantwings said: BUT JACK AND EUGENE. I agree with everything else though. Except Van Ark, but that’s pending on me actually meeting this asshole. Will keep you posted.
  11. illustratedacorns said: I love that zr! have so many different characters and pairings so everyone can find their own favorites. I obviously love the radio boyfriends personally, but I ADORE your Van Ark, and am ecstatic about the doctor girlfriends stuff you make <3
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